Picture of Martin Brooke Martin Brooke
Associate Professor
and Philip Baugh Scholar
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 90291
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0291

Phone: (919) 660-5504
Secretary:  (919)-660-5252
Fax:   (919)-660-5293
E-Mail: mbrooke@ee.duke.edu


3581 CIEMAS Building
3rd Floor in Fitzpatrick Wing
Duke University
Durham, NC 27706

Physical Delivery Address:

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
130  Hudson Hall
Corner of Science and Research Dr
Duke University
Durham, NC 27706
Phone: (919)-660-5252

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PhD Student Thesis Full Text

Name Current Title and Location Thesis Full Text Thesis defense slides
Jaemin Shin
Intel, Texas
Jaehong  Kim

Indal Song Korea link 
Seokhun Hyun Research Engineer, Duke University link 
Borte Terlemez Maxim (Turkey) (Borte was John Uymera's Student) link
Daeik Kim Research Engineer, Duke University link

Cheolung Cha KETI, Korea link link
Larry Carastro Consultant  link link
Brent Buchanan Phillips link link
Sungyong Jung Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington link link
Liang Chu IBM, Hudson Valley Research Park link link
Jae Joon Chang Agilent link link
Jin Liu Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas link link
Youngjoong Joo Assistant Professor, Arizona State Univ. link link
Ravi Poddar IDT, Atlanta link link
John Tabler Summit Microelectronics , San Jose, CA link
Lamar West Scientific Atlanta

Wei Zhou Bell South link
Kenichi Hirotsu Sumitomo Corp, Japan link
Axel Thomsen Cirrus Logic, Adjunct Assistant Professor,  University of Texas at Austin 

Myunghee Lee Agilent link link
Teng Sin Pong Singapore link
Sculley Terry  Texas Instruments

Stephen Goodman Professor, West Virginia University Institute of Technology

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