Xuejun Liao

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Departmnet of Electrical and Computer Engineering          Office:   3457 CIEMAS, 101 Science Drive
130 Hudson Hall, Box 90291          Phone:   (919) 681-3675
Duke University          Fax:   (919) 660-5293
Durham, NC 27708          Email:   xjliao@duke.edu

Research       My recent research has been focused on data mining, machine learning, planning, and bio-informatics. My earlier research involved signal processing and analysis.
Presentations       This is where I put some of my conference presentations.
Publications       I keep a list if my publications here.
Curriculum Vitae       My curriculum vitae.
Paper Discussions       I led several earliest paper discussions in my group. Here are some of the slides.
Links       Here I have collected many useful links to journals, conferences, etc.
Google Scholar       A lot of papers can be found through Google Scholar.
Java       Links to some Java resources.
ICAPS Workshop       I co-organized a workshop, titled "POMDP, Classification and Regression: Relationships and Joint Utilization", at the 16th International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling (ICAPS'06).
Collaborators       I am working in the laboratory headed by Prof. Lawrence Carin. I have also worked collaboratively with Prof. Ronald Parr, Prof. Ronald Coifman, Prof. David Dunson, Prof. Alexander Hartemink, Prof. Leslie Collins, and Prof. Qing H. Liu.