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Now Open Access!  Vijay Nagarajan, Daniel J. Sorin, Mark D. Hill, and David A. Wood.
"A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence", 2nd edition,
Synthesis Lectures in Computer Architecture, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, February 2020.


Computer architecture
Automatic generation of coherence protocols
Solving architecture problems with coding theory
Automated development of accelerators
Fault-tolerant computer architecture
Verification-aware computer architecture



Editor-in-Chief of Computer Architecture Letters


Spring 2021

Fall 2020
Spring 2020:
Fall 2019:
Spring 2019:

Fall 2018:

ECE/CS 250: Computer Architecture

ECE 552/CS 550: Advanced Computer Architecture I
ECE 652/CS 650: Advanced Computer Architecture II

ECE/CS 554: Fault Tolerant and Testable Computing Systems
ECE/CS 250: Computer Architecture
ECE 552/CS 550: Advanced Computer Archtitecture I

Current Advisees

Atefeh Mehrabi
Nicolai Oswald (unofficial, U. of Edinburgh)

PhD Alumni

Fred Bower, PhD 2010 (IBM / Lenovo)
Blake Hechtman, PhD 2014 (Oracle / Google)
Adam Jacobvitz, PhD 2014 (SanDisk)
Tong Li, PhD 2005 (Intel Research / Lenovo)
Anita Lungu, PhD 2009 (Lyra Health)
George Mappouras, PhD 2020 (Oracle)
Luwa Matthews, PhD 2017 (postdoc, Princeton U.)
Albert Meixner, PhD 2008 (Nvidia / Google / Nuro)
Sean Murray, PhD 2019 (Realtime Robotics)
Ralph Nathan, PhD 2015 (Google)
Bogdan Romanescu, PhD 2010 (Microsoft / Uber / Salesforce)
Meng Zhang, PhD 2013 (Oracle)
Multi-Semester Undergraduate Research Assistant Alumni

Samantha Archer, BSE 2020 (Nvidia)
Martha Barker, BSE 2015 (Oracle)
Michael Bauer, BSE 2008 (Stanford PhD, Nvidia)
Lance Co Ting Keh, BSE 2014 (Duke MS, multiple startups)
Patrick Eibl, BSE 2008 (Duke MS, IBM)
Will Floyd-Jones, BSE 2017 (Realtime Robotics)
Blake Hechtman, BSE 2010 (Duke PhD, Oracle)
Derek Hower, BSE 2006 (Wisconsin PhD, AMD)
John Ingalls, BSE 2011 (Qualcomm)
Ralph Nathan, BSE 2011 (Duke PhD, Google)
Ying Qi, BS 2017 (Google)
Kushal Seetharam, BSE 2014 (MIT PhD)
Yaqi Zhang, BSE 2015 (Stanford PhD, SambaNova)

Contact Info:
PO Box 90291
Durham, NC 27708