Daniel J. Sorin

W. H. Gardner Jr. Professor

  Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Duke University

Box 90291

Tel: 919-660-5439

Durham, NC 27708-0291

Fax: 919-660-5293

Office: 209C Hudson Hall

Email: Email Address of Daniel Sorin




Current Projects and Research Interests    

    Research Links

    WWW Computer Architecture Page

                  NEW: Ukrainian translation and Russian translation

    Duke Architecture

  • Architectural support for managing precision and accuracy in scientific computing

    Duke's Pratt School of Engineering

  • Architectures and memory system design for processors with heterogeneous cores



    Multifacet GEMS simulation infrastructure

Curriculum Vitae

I'm co-chairing (with Milo Martin) the selection committee for IEEE Micro's Top Picks.   

I'm on the PC for HPCA 2016.




Spring 2016: ECE 250 / CS 250: Computer Architecture

Some Recently Taught Courses  

Fall 2015: ECE 552 / CS 550: Advanced Computer Architecture I

Spring 2015: ECE/CS 554: Fault Tolerant and Testable Computing Systems

Fall 2014: ECE 250 / CS 250: Computer Architecture  

Spring 2014: ECE 652 / CS 650: Advanced Computer Architecture II




George Mappouras

Luwa Matthews  

Sean Murray

Will Floyd-Jones

Graduated PhDs

Fred Bower, PhD 2010 (IBM)

Blake Hechtman, PhD 2014 (first position: Oracle)

Adam Jacobvitz, PhD 2014 (first position: SanDisk)

Tong Li, PhD 2005 (first position: Intel Research)

Anita Lungu, PhD 2009

Albert Meixner, PhD 2008 (first position: NVidia)

Ralph Nathan, PhD 2015 (first position: Google)

Bogdan Romanescu, PhD 2010 (first position: Microsoft)

Meng Zhang, PhD 2013 (first position: Oracle)


Graduated Masters Advisees

Moky Cheung, MS 2004

Jiayu (Tom) Gong, MS 2014

John Ingalls, MS 2012

Jennifer Miller, MS 2005

Morakinyo Olugbade, MS 2011

Nathan Sadler, MS 2006


Graduated Pratt Fellow Undergraduate Researchers

Martha Barker, BSE 2015

Michael Bauer, BSE 2008

Derek Hower, BSE 2006

John Ingalls, BSE 2011

Yaqi Zhang, BSE 2015




PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002 

MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998

BSE, Duke University, 1996

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