Slides for Invited Talks and Seminars

  • Designing a Virtual Information Telescope using Mobile Phones and Social Participation
    Talk at Microsoft Research, Cisco Research, Nokia, Summer 2008

  • Micro-Blog: Sharing and Querying Content Using Mobile Phones and Social Participation
    ACM MobiSys, 2008.

  • Message in Message: A New Way to Cope with Wireless Interference
    Talk at SUNY Stony Brook, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder.

  • Exploiting Smart Antennas for Wireless Networks
    Tutorial at ICDCN 2008
    (Introduction to wireless MAC, routing, transport, followed by applicability of smart antennas)

  • Spotlight: Exploiting Smart Antennas for Future Wireless Networks
    Cisco, San Jose, June 2007
    Motorola Labs, India, Aug 2007

  • MAC-Layer Capture: A Problem in Wireless Mesh Networks with Beamforming Antennas
    IEEE SECON, San Diego, June 2007

  • SmartGossip: A Reliable Broadcast Service for Wireless Sensor Networks
    IEEE Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), Vancouver, Oct 2006

  • Integrating Smart Antennas into Wireless Multihop Networks
    Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and IIT Kharagpur, August, 2006

  • Smart Antennas in Wireless Networks
    Intel Labs, Portland, Feb, 2006

  • Exploiting Smart Antennas for Wireless Networks
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, November 2005

  • Utilizing Directional Antennas for Wireless Networks
    UC San Diego, September, 2005

  • MAC Protocols for Next Generation Mesh Networks
    Motorola Labs, Schaumburg, 2005

  • Smart Antennas for Multihop Wireless Networks
    Technical Uniersity, Berlin, October, 2004