Markov Chains

Markov Models - Blue Book

Solution Techniques - Articles in Journals

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Solution Techniques - Chapters of Books

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Solution Techniques - Articles in Symposia Proceedings

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Markov Regenerative Models - Articles in Symposia Proceedings

Markov Regenerative Models, Dimitris Logothetis, K. S. Trivedi, and Antonio Puliafito, Proc. Int. Computer Performance and Dependability Symp., Erlangen, Germany, pp. 134-143, 1995.

Non-Homogeneous - Chapters of books

Exact Methods for the Transient Analysis of Nonhomogeneous Continuous-Time Markov Chains, A. Rindos, S. Woolet, I. Viniotis, and K. S. Trivedi, 2nd International Workshop on the Numerical Solution of Markov Chains, W. J. Stewart (ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995.

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