Performance and Reliability Analysis of Computer Systems: An Example-Based Approach Using the SHARPE Software Package, Kluwer Academic Publishers


Part I. Modeling Theory

1 Distribution Functions

2 Reliability And Availability Models

3 Series-Parallel Acyclic Directed Graphs

4 Markov Models

5 Product-Form Queueing Networks

6 Performability Models

7 Stochastic Petri Net Models

8 Semi-Markov Chains

Part II Modeling Examples

9 Reliability and Availability Modeling

10 Performance Modeling

11 Hierarchical Models

12 Performability Models

13 Handling Algorithmic and Numerical Limitations

Part III Appendices

A SHARPE Command Line Syntax

B SHARPE Language Description

C Using SHARPE Interactively

D Algorithm Choices for Phase-type Markov Chains