Tutorial on the SPNP Interface:

- Creation of a new project

- How to create a place or a transition?

- How to create an arc?

- How to define a place?

- How to define a immediate transition

- How to define a timed transition?

- How to create a fluid place?

- How to create a fluid arc?

- How to rotate a transition?

- How to modify an arc?

- How to add a model to a project?

- How to display the number of tokens?

- How to display the cardinality of an arc?

- Environment settings

- Creation of a variable

- Creation of a function

- How to create a reward function?

- How to know the syntax of a function?

- Execution of a model

- How to visualize the results of an analysis

- How to start a simulation?

- Animation features

- Display a graph already created

- Comparing many plots

- Personal modification

Kishor Trivedi

Last modified: April 12 2001