Tutorial on the SHARPE Interface:

- Creation of a new project

- Creation of a fault tree
- Creation of a Markov chain
- Creation of a reliability block diagram
- Information on a project

- Creation of constant, variable, function
- Execution of a model
- Personal modification

Next features to come:

- Creation of a generalized stochastic Petri net
- Creation of a reliability graph
- Creation of a product-form queueing network
- Copy a model inside a project
- Print a project, a model
- Execution of a model using Hierarchy
- Plots from a textual interface
- Use of the library of plots
- Animation of the model types: GSPN, PFQN, MPFQN
- Sensivity computation and graph
- Phased-mission input & output

Kishor Trivedi
Last modified: Wed April 28 11:49:28 EST 1999