How to start to run
the SPNP tool or the SPNP interface?


  • SPNP version 6 for PC

    Create the directory C:/spnp6 on your PC
    Unzip the in the directory C:/spnp6/

    • Run SPNP:
      Command from MS-DOS prompt to compile a file:

      - To run the file example.c in the directory C:/spnp6/spnp/examples:
      cd C:/spnp6/spnp/examples
    make -f C:/spnp6/spnp/Makerun_gcc DIR= C:/spnp6 PLATFORM=sun5 SPN=example

        - Call an executable example file:
        example.spn out

    • SPNP version 6 for Solaris, Linux

      the file "spnp.tar" contains the spnp object files for Solaris and Linux, you need to untar in one directory in your system.

      You must make two decisions at this point:
        (1) the directory where the root directory spnp will be installed on your system, let's call it Ddd;
        (2) the platform you will use to run spnp, let's call it Ppp (you actually made that decision when you requested spnp).

        For example, Ddd could be /usr/local/packages or /home/me and Ppp could be sun5 or linux.

      Then, do the following:
      • Move the distribution file to the correct directory
        mv spnp.tar Ddd
      • go to the correct directory
        cd Ddd
      • execute the command "tar xvf spnp.tar"
      At this point, all the distribution files are in place. You should have:
      • Ddd/spnp/README_SOLARIS (instructions for Solaris)
      • Ddd/spnp/README_LINUX (instructions for linux)
      • Ddd/spnp/Makerun_gcc (a makefile needed to run spnp, using the gcc compiler)
      • Ddd/spnp/lib/*.h ("include" files needed to compile your model)
      • Ddd/spnp/Examples/*.c ("c" files needed to check your model)
      • Ddd/spnp/Ppp/*.o (compiled files forming the core of the package Ppp=sun5 for Solaris, linux for Linux)
      • Ddd/spnp/doc (SPNP manuals)
      (after testing that everything is properly running, you will probably want to remove the file spnp_distr.tar from Ddd).

      Now, define the following aliases in your ".cshrc" file (remember to "source" your ".cshrc" file if you want the aliases to become effective right away):

      alias spnp "make -f Ddd/spnp/Makerun_gcc DIR=Ddd PLATFORM=Ppp SPN=\!^"

      Finally, to run spnp on file "Model.c", you just need to type

      spnp Model

  • SPNP Interface:

  • From a CD:

    The CD contains the directory:
    • Spnp-Gui

      This directory contains the code for the interface of SPNP
      Copy this directory to your C: drive, then through explorer,
      open the directory C:/Spnp-Gui and click on the icon "Interface SPNP".
  • From a Zip drive:

    The Zip drive contains the file:
    • Spnp-Gui/

      Create the directory C:/Spnp-Gui, then through explorer, then unzip the "" file in this directory.
      open the directory C:/Spnp-Gui and click on the icon "Interface SPNP".
      You can find a manual about the gui in the directory C:/Spnp-Gui/Document
  • From the file

    follows the same instructions given above for the zip drive.

  • Remarks:

      - If you have in your MS-DOS prompt, the message "Out of the memory for the initial environment", follow these instructions:

        * For Windows95 & Windows98:
        At the top of this MS-DOS prompt, you have some icons. Click on the "Properties" icon. Then another window appear (Click on "Memory" in the tabset at the top of this window). You need to change the value of the memory allowed for the initial environment (top right). The value should be at this time "Auto", put it to 2048. Then click on the button "Apply" (bottom right in the window), then "Ok".

        Close the MS-DOS prompt and click again and the "Interface SPNP" icon.

      - you should respect the spelling of the name of the directory (upper case). If you create a directory SPNP-GUI instead of Spnp-Gui in your C: drive, you may encounter some troubles to run the graphic.

      - The Spnp-Gui application continues to be modified by the programmers, to increase the features of the interface but also to fix problems met by the users. Instead of sending the all package, we are sending to the customer a zip file "". The user should delete the files in the directory C:/Spnp-Gui/spnpGui on his computer then unzip the file "" in this directory.