Graphical User Interface for SPNP using JAVA

Interaction with computers has come a long way since the arcaic textual interfaces. There is now substantial literature on human-computer interaction (HCI), a research subject widely reconized as a vital component of successful computer applications. But, when we evaluate HCIs currently available on analytical modeling packages, we realize the enormous gap perceived between their interfaces and modern HCI trends. The developers of analytic modeling packages need to deliver beneficial services to the user, and deliver them in a usable way.

The approach is followed in the development of an integrated environment for modeling using Stochastic Petri Nets, named iSPN. Careful consideration was given to the design and implementation of iSPN to facilitate the creation of SPN models.

The interface increases the power of SPNP (the Stochastic Petri Net Package) by providing a means of rapidly developing stochastic reward nets (SRNs); the model type used for input. Input to SPNP is specified using CSPL (C based SPN Language), but the interface removes this burden from the user by providing an interface for graphical representation of the model.

The first interface was implemented with Tcl/Tk. Then JAVA was used to have to develop the new version, which makes the look and feel of the interface similar to the SHARPE gui.

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