Analysis of a model

The fault tree model created (cf creation of a fault tree) is analyzed. After you click on "Analysis", the following frame appears on the screen. Choose one output and click on the blue right arrow to select it.


The selected output appears on the right list.


The user should enter a value for the time for an output like "Reliability".


The user can select again an output like "Reliability" with a different value. Enter "0,100,10" means that the reliability will be analyzed for time t = 0,10,20,...,90,,100


To modify an output already selected, click on one output on the right list.


Then change the value(s) and click to the blue right arrow to validate the modifications.


Click on "Run" to analyse all the outputs selected.


After the execution of SHARPE, the output are displayed.


You can click on "Code" to see the SHARPE code generated by the application.