Creation of a Markov chain

After you create a new project (Markov chain type chosen), the following frame appears on the screen


Click on "Node" in the bar menu then click on the panel to create node(s).


Click on "Arc" to create an arc. Click with the left button on an node then drag the mouse (continue to press the mouse, don't release the mouse).


Release the mouse on the top of another node, an arc is then created.


FIrst possibility to enter a rate for an arc:
Click on an arc with the right button of the mouse. A popup appears. Choose "Rate" to enter a value for the arc.


Click on "Ok" to validate the rate


The new value is displayed in the panel.


To move a node:
Click on "Move" in the bar menu then click with the left button on a node and drag the mouse to the new location (keep the button pressed), and release the button of the mouse when you the mouse is on the top of the new loaction.
PS: You have the possibility to move many nodes at the same time.


You can move also the label of a node.


To modify the shape of an arc:
Click on "Modif. Arc" in the bar menu.


To speed up the process to enter rates for the arcs:
Click on "Rate Matrix" in the bar menu. A frame appears on the screen. This frame contains a grid (matrix) which allows you to enter the rate values for the arcs. After you click on one rectangle (row i, column j), a yellow rectangle represents an arc already created which has not yet a value for the arc.
PS: You cannot enter a value for any rectangle (row i, column i) on the diagonal of the matrix.


A red rectangle represents an non-existent arc. If you enter a value into this rectangle, an arc from the node (row i) to the node (column j) will be created.



You can add or modify a value of an arc through the "Add a value for a specific arc:" panel (bottom of the frame).


Click on "Validate" to confirm the changes.


The changes are confirmed into the matrix (lambda -> lambda1)


You can create new nodes from the matrix.
Click on the "Add node" button.


Enter the name of the node and click on "Ok".


Display of the updated matrix (with the new node).


The changes are displayed in the panel. (creation of new arcs, rate value for the arcs, creation of a new node).


Example of the way to move many nodes at the same time.
The explanations of this action were explained previously.



How to analyse the current Markov chain model:
Click on "Analysis Editor" from the main menu, then on "Analysis".


If the model is not complete, this dialog box appears on the screen. For the next instructions about the analysis, click here