ECE 156: Computer Network Architectures, Fall 2006

Instructor: Prof. Krish Chakrabarty
Office: 2513 CIEMAS
Ph: 660-5244
Office Hours: Tues, Thurs 1:30-2:30 PM, or by appointment

Class hours and classroom: Tues, Thurs 2:50-4:05 PM, Room: 1441 FCIEMAS

Course TA: Rob Ocel
Office hours: Tuesday 6-9 PM (Location: Teer basement)

Textbook: J. F. Kurose and D. W. Ross, Computer Networking (A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet), 3rd edition, Addison-Wesley, 2005.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Digital Systems (ECE 52).

Please refer to this PDF file for information about lecture schedule

Course Objectives: To introduce students to the architecture underlying computer communication networks, and the hardware and software required to implement the protocols that define this architecture. A top-down approach will be followed to cover the application layer, the transport layer, the network layer, and the link layer. Topics in wireless and sensor networks will also be covered. Students will use the Ethereal Network Analyzer ( and carry out two socket programming assignments.

Homeworks and Exams: There will four evenly-spaced homeworks in the form of problem sets. Students will also work on Ethereal assignnments but these will not be graded. They are intended to be a learning experience, such that students can have some fun while learning about basic networking concepts. There will be two additional programming assignments. A mid-term exam (in-class) has been tentatively scheduled for October 24, and a three-hour final exam has been scheduled for December 16 (2-5 PM).

Grading Policy: Four homeworks-20%, Two programming assignments: 20%, Mid-term exam: 20%, Final exam: 40%.

Note that there will be a penalty of 10% per day on late homework and lab submissions. Late homework and lab submissions will not be accepted after three days. Please do not try these excuses !

For the purposes of establishing standards for submitted graded work, each student should include the following signed statement in each piece of work submitted:
"I have adhered to the Duke Community Standard in completing this assignment."

The course policy for making up a graded exercise missed due to a short-term illness will be consistent with the university policy. This policy was adopted by the faculty councils of Arts and Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering early in the fall semester, 2003. If you are unable to complete academic work (tests, exams, papers or scheduled graded assignments) as a result of short-term illness, you should speak directly with your instructor.


Ethereal Lab 1

Ethereal Lab 2

Ethereal Lab 3

Socket Programming Assignment 1

Socket Programming Assignment 2

Here are the copies of slides used in class (PDF format)

(Acknowledgment: Prof. Jim Kurose, U. Mass., Amherst)

Lecture notes for 08/29/06

Lecture notes for 08/31/06 and 09/05/06

Lecture notes for 09/05/06 to 09/14/06

Lecture notes for 09/19/06 to 09/28/06

Lecture notes for 09/29/06 to 10/19/06

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Lecture notes for 11/28/06 and 11/30/06

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