James Morizio

Adjunct Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University


James Morizio joined Duke University in September 1995. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is also President of Triangle BioSystems, Inc., where he project leads numerous mixed-signal broadband and audio VLSI design projects. He conducts research in the areas of mixed-signal VLSI design and sub-system hardware development for biomedical instrumentation products. He teaches graduate courses on Full Custom VLSI Design (ECE261) and Integrated Analog Circuit Design (ECE262). His current research is focussed on the design and test of telemetric, low power, integrated data acquisition systems for brain source neuron signals.

Dr. Morizio received the BS EE degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1982, and the MSEE degree from Univeristy of Colorado in 1984. In 1995 he completed his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering  from Duke University under the direction of  Dr. Jeff Derby. Dr. Morizio also has over 20 years corporate experience working with IBM Corporation and Mitsubishi Electronics America here in RTP, NC.

Former graduate students: Himanshu Arora , Shankar Guhados, Sangrok Lee

Former undergraduate student LERC fellows: Dennis Kim, Phil DeBeusauq, Micheal Griffith  

Teaching Notes

EE262 Course Syllabus (pdf file) Spring 2009 Projects Spring 2010 Projects
ECE261 Course info
EE262 .5um Process Spice Models Typical (txt)

Hspice Manual pdf file (warning 12mB use adobe acroread to view
EE262 MixedSignal Cad Overview
FCC UWB Standard Doc
ECE262 Homeworks
EE262 Forum CAD Information
EE261 Cad Information)
VLSI Design Center's Website


Contact Information:
Dr. James Morizio
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University
Box 90291, Rm 213C Hudson Hall
Durham, NC 27708
E-mail: jmorizio@ee.duke.edu
Tel : +1 (919) 201-7759 (cell)
Fax : +1 (919) 660-5293