SAM Group Members

Jeff Krolik


Office Location: 3465 CIEMAS (Directions)
Office Phone: (919) 660-5274
Email Address: jk [AT] ee [DOT] duke [DOT] edu

Loren Nolte


Office Location: 3471 CIEMAS
Office Phone: (919) 660-5266
Email Address: lwn [AT] ee [DOT] duke [DOT] edu

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Granger Hickman

Research Scientist

Office Location: 2471 CIEMAS
Email Address: granger.hickman [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Andrew Harms

Research Scientist

Office Location: 2471 CIEMAS
Email Address: andrew.harms [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Jonathan Odom

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office Location: 2414 CIEMAS (within 2410 CIEMAS)
Email Address: jonathan.odom [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Graduate Students

The graduate student office is located in 2413 CIEMAS. The lab is located across the hall in 2410 CIEMAS.

Itay Cnaan-on

Itay Cnaan-On received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University in 2010 (emphasis on signal-processing, communication and computers). He is currently a Ph.D. student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the SAM lab in Duke University. He is a fellow of the NSF IGERT WISeNet (Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networks) program. Before joining the lab, he served as a project manager and leader of a real-time SW development team in a company developing wireless smart home systems and sensors. His research interests are: array signal processing, ultra-wideband systems, sensor networks and localization.

Email Address: Itay.Cnaan.On [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Li Li

Li Li joined the Ph.D. program in 2009. As a senior research assistant in the Sensor Array and Multipath Signal Processing Lab, his research interests include statistical sensor array signal modeling and processing with an emphasis on low SNR radar target imaging, detection and tracking in dense multipath environments. He received a BS degree in Communications Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2009, followed by a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University in 2011.

Email Address: Li.Li [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Jon Soli

Jon joined the SAM lab as a Ph.D. student in 2012. As an undergraduate, Jon received a B.S. in Physics and B.A. in Business Management from Hamline University in 2012. At SAM, he is working on the Continuous Active Sonar (CAS) waveform design project and has developed high-fidelity underwater acoustic simulations of the lab's Slow-Time Costas-Coded (SLO-CO) waveform using the Sonar Simulation Toolset (SST). Outside of the lab Jon enjoys golfing, running, and attending Duke basketball games.

Email Address: Jonathan.Soli [AT] duke [DOT] edu

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Juan Ramirez

Email Address: [AT] duke [DOT] edu

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Chi Xu

Chi Xu received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Zhejiang University in June 2011 and obtained his M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Duke University in May 2013. He is currently in the Ph.D. program of Electrical & Computer Engineering in the SAM lab at Duke University. His research interests include statistical signal processing, array processing, manifold learning and data mining.

Email Address: chi.xu [AT] duke [DOT] edu

Group Alumni

Name Current Affiliation
R. Anderson, Ph.D Applied Signal Technology, Arlington, VA
I. Bilik, Ph.D Asst. Prof., U. Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA
V. Gadwal, Ph.D SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego, CA
R. Goldhahn, Ph.D NATO, La Spezia, Italy
K. Harmanci, Ph.D Asst. Prof. Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
O. Kazanci, Ph.D The MathWorks Inc., Natick, MA
S. Kraut, Ph.D MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
R. Liao, Ph.D Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ
W. Lee, Ph.D Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
V. Mecca, Ph.D. MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
J. Odom, Ph.D. Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, GA
M. Papazoglou, Ph.D STRAD Corp., Chapel Hill, NC
J. Rogers, Ph.D Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
D. Ramakrishnan, Ph.D Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA
J. Tabrikian, Ph.D Prof., Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel
H. Tao, Ph.D The MathWorks Inc., Natick, MA
V. Varadarajan, Ph.D Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA
S. Vasudevan, Ph.D Sensor Research & Development Corporation, Orono, ME
J. Yu, Ph.D MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA