Academic Genealogy
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Chris Dwyer, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2003.
Dissertation: "DNA Self-Assembled Computer Architecture: Design and Fabrication Theory"

Academic Descendents

Vishwa Nellore, Ph.D., Duke University, 2015.

Mohammad Mottaghi, Ph.D., Duke University, 2014.

Jun Pang, Ph.D., Duke University, 2014.

Viresh Thusu, Ph.D., Duke University, 2013.
Dissertation: "Self-Assembled Resonance Energy Transfer Devices"

Vincent Mao, Ph.D., Duke University, 2010.
Dissertation: "The Thermo-Mechanical Dynamics of DNA Self-Assembled Nanostructures"

Costantin Pistol, Ph.D., Duke University, 2009.
Dissertation: "Structures, Circuits and Architectures for Molecular Scale Integrated Sensing and Computing"

Academic Ancestors

Russell M. Taylor, II, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1994.
Dissertation: "The Nanomanipulator: A Virtual-Reality Interface to a Scanning Tunneling Microscopy"

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., Ph.D. Harvard University, 1956.
Dissertation: "The Analytic Design of Automatic Data Processing Systems"

Howard H. Aiken, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1939.
Dissertation: "A Study of the Laws of Space Change"

Emory L. Chaffee, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1911.
Dissertation: "A New Method of Impact Excitation of Undamped Oscillations and Their Analysis by Means of Braun Tube Oscillographs"

George. W. Pierce, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1900.
Dissertation: "The Application of the Radio-Micrometer to the Measurement of Short Electric Waves"

John Trowbridge, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1873.
Dissertation: "I. A New Form of Galvonometer. II. On the Electromotive Actions of Liquids Separated by Membranes. III. On the Electrical Condition of Gas Flames. IV. Ohm's Law Considered from a Geometrical Point of View. V. Induced Currents and Derived Circuits"

Joseph Lovering, Ph.D., Harvard University, ca. 1836.
Dissertation: Unknown.

Benjamin Peirce (1809-1880), Ph.D., Harvard University, ca. 1829.
"The Founder of High Mathematics in America", Sir. Wm. Thomson (Lord Kelvin).
Dissertation: Various titled works.

Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838), M.A., Harvard University, ca. 1802.
Among others things, known for techniques in modern maritime navigation and the Bowditch Curve (re-investigated 40 years later by Lissajous)

A self-taught, sea-faring navigator and mathematician, and later America's first actuary, Bowditch appears to have had no formal advisor.

Bowditch plot a=5,b=6